My Work

Are you interested in my work? Here are a few websites I made, not every website I made will be in this list.

Vexer Services

Vexer Services, my own hosting provider. Vexer Services provides Dedicated VPN's, Windows VPS's and Discord Bot hosting. Both made the landing page and the client area. Front End & Back End.

Notey (Chrome extension)

Notey, the perfect way to make notes in the Chrome browser! The extension is free to download, simple to use and has the ability to be customized.

Amazing New Tab (Chrome extension)

Amazing New Tab, change your Chrome new tab page to something modern and stylish! This is a revamp of my older "CleanyTab" extension.

Fxtalic contacted me cause he needed a personal website. Modern, simple, and cheap. We quickly made up a deal. I am pretty happy with the result, cause of the budget the site is not the best on mobile. For desktop, it looks perfect!

DiscordTemplates is a project of mine, whenever Discord announced the feature to share your server template, I instantly claimed a domain name for this. I directly started coding with full motivation. I am happy with the result! It gains decent traffic.

NowayRoleplay, a Dutch FiveM server I used to play on a lot asked me to create a new website. Cause I used to play on this server every day, I decided to make the website for free. I am pretty happy with the result!

Tasklist is another project of mine. I wanted to make a simple task list application. At the begin I wanted to use it for myself, but why not publish it so everyone could use it! This was one of my first backend projects.


Appmarket, a project of operationidroid. A returning customer. Once he asked me to make a new website for him, I immediately said yes. I knew what he wanted and directly started working on it. One of my most popular projects out there. I started this website in 2016-2017. I downloaded a proxy source code from GitHub, started modifying it. In 2020 I did massive revamp, re-coded a lot. New layout, new features, and patched up a lot of bugs. is a really successful project that gains a lot of traffic.