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About me

Hey, you came here to know me better? Let me introduce myself!
My name is Finn I am 18 years old. Born in The Netherlands.
Since elementary school, I was interested in Computers. I always helped the IT Manager of the school to maintain Computers, and tell her whenever something was wrong with a Computer. So as you can hear, when I was young I already knew I wanted to work with Computers.
At high school, I started making websites and discovered that as my new hobby. When I finished high school, I chose to start an IT study, that should take 2 years, I sped it up and graduated within 1 year! During that year I knew I didn't want to repair or build Computers, but actually focus on programming!
And now here I am, studying Application Development. I will hopefully graduate in 2022. After that, I am going to work as a Web Developer!

Oh yeah, almost forgot! I am available for hire! (As a freelancer)